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About is a Vendor and it has no directly purchase the below mention items from has been involved in the buying of scraps since 2005 and has, thus, acquired an extensive expertise in handling all kinds of scrap, for example, office furniture, computers and devices, copper scrap, hardware scrap, machines and IT scrap, paper and organizer scrap, plastic and wooden scrap and others. To survey the accessibility of our administration on machines, we enrolled for our online vicinity. A professionally established Organization offering services in almost all the states of INDIA, having around different years of business involvement in the realm of Universal exchange – be it online auction, online tender, oral pricing or something else.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach the global peak of scrap trading market, offering customers to create valuable products through trustworthy, honest and highly efficient management. Since our establishment, we have got contracts with a large percentage of the global industrial giants like TATA, RELIANCE, LIC etc. and worked in their close proximity, including leading sellers of various small and medium office and business store. We are aiming to be a versatile, innovative and customers-focus organization that is always ready and flexibility to adapt to the changing business environment. We are continuing to create and seek new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Our Mission

  • We seek to understand what the global market demand is and what our customer requirements are.
  • We focus on efficiency and effective management of Import & Export to deliver lowest cost and quality products to customers for each of the products.
  • We thoroughly manage supply chain from farmer to customer with excellent operational services.
  • We build and value relationships with business partners to become mutually success in the long term.
  • We are relentless in learning and developing to create higher value and new market through day-to-day work and introduction of new technologies. We reduce waste and maintain high-operating efficiency to maximize production capacity.

Message from Director

I am pleased to welcome you to, India. Thank you for taking out time to visit us and I am sure you would find it exciting, informative and refreshing. There is a lot to know about our company, brands, working culture, trustworthiness and much more. If you are looking for excellent services, you are in the right place. This has made us one of the fastest growing scrap buyer companies and we are now established as a leading player in the Indian Scrap market. This is a significant accomplishment keeping in mind that we have been here for just over eight years. India is a dynamic market which has immense potential with a young, growing population, increasing disposable incomes and changing social landscape and we are encouraged by our progressive performance. To me,’s performance is as much about looking to the future and setting up the fundamental building blocks for the Company’s long term growth as it is celebrating our present achievements.